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The southern Palatinate region is lucky to be able to offer everything that makes cyclist's heart run faster. Cycle from Germany's biggest river to Germany's largest forest area in a varied cycle path network. Trough flat, humby and rockily scenery. Explore the Palatinate forest, follow the tracks of the Staufers, bike unhurridly through Rhine-meadows and vegetable plantations.

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The castle tour

The route passes castles and rocks, meadows and fields and offers georgeous views on the Palatinate forest and the Rhine river plain.

Start/Finish: in Wilgartswiesen you cycle below the ruine Falkenburg to Hauenstein, where you can visit the shoe museum. Continue cycling through Lug and Völkersweiler, Waldrohrbach and Waldhambach as well as through the Kaiserbach valley, to the southern wine route. Follow the southern wine route through Fischbach to Leinsweiler. There, the trail turns back to the Palatinate forest.

Lenght: 40 km / 24 mi and 1504.5 yd.

Runtime circa 4 hours.

For trained bikers with condition. The tour includes challenging rises and forest paths. Further information: Bike Brochure "Radtouren durch die Südpfalz" available in every tourist office along the southern wine route.

Klingbach Cycle Path

The Klingbach cycle path is inbetween Busenberg and Hördt. The easy, approx. 64 km's long road, includes a slight pitch from the forest to the Rhine and is suitable for families. You will find varied landscapes like the palatinate forest, the southern wine route and the Rhine level. A trip to the natural and wildlifeparc in Silz is worth a visit. In summer the bathing lake in Rülzheim is perfect to cool-off.


Queichtal Cycle Path

Start is Hauenstein in the Palatinate forest, the end is the fortress town Germersheim by the river Rhine. The route is about 50 km long and easy to cope with. The tour is limited suitable for kids because you pass the city of Landau by riding on roads.
A lot of museums are to find along this road: the German shoe museum in Hauenstein, the museum below the Trifels in Annweiler, the municipal archiv in Landau, the Queichtal museum in Offenbach as well as the road transport museum and the fortress museum in Germersheim. A boat trip on the Rhine is also possible.

Cycling in the southern palatinate area

We  have a lot of nice cycle paths in the southern palatinate area which take you along impressive vineyards, the palatinate forest and the Rhine plain.

  • cycle path southern wine route (90km) from Schweigen-Rechtenbach to Bockheim.
  • cabbage and turnip cycle path (137km) from Schweigen-Rechtenbach to Bockheim
  • southern palatinate area cycle path (50 km) from Scheibenhardt to Kirrweiler
  • Rhine cycle path section Neuburg-Lingenfeld (43km)
  • From the Rhine to wine (30 km) from Speyer to Hainfeld
  • From Riesling to zander (35km) from Pleisweiler-Oberhofen to Neupotz
  • Petronella-Rhine cycle path (55km) from Bad Bergzabern to Neuburg
  • "Faßbodentour" along the southern wine route
  • Tobacco tour around Herxheim (36km)
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