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Nordic- Walking

The holiday region Trifelsland offers 15 Nordic Walking paths with different leves of difficulty. Nordic Walking enthusiasts can use any of the well-marked trails with a total lengths of 147 km anytime to keep themselves fit and enjoy the surrounding area.

Starting Points: Annweiler at the Trifels, Albersweiler, Dernbach, Gossersweiler-Stein, Gräfenhausen, Ramberg, Rinnthal, Silz and Wernersberg.

Most of those routes are forest trails which stripe rocks, mountains or the vineyards. Each starting point has it's sypnotic tables which inform about course, lenght and level of difficulty. Furthermore they give an overview about movement technique and stretching moves to warm up.

  • Specially for beginners: 2,3 km trough Annweiler's spa garden. 1,3 km tour around the lake in Silz. 3,0 km tour to Rinnthal's valley of generation.
  • Particulary demanding: starting point:  Dernbach/Ramberg - 18 km,  Albersweiler -12 km  , Gossersweiler-Stein/Silz -17 km,  Rinnthal-Wernersberg - 17 km, Annweiler 12 km
  • Thematic maps: Bureau for tourism Annweiler at the Trifels, Meßplatz 1 tel: 06346-2200  email: info(at)


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