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Albersweiler - Wine, Woods and Water

The vintners' village is located on the German Wine Route. The vineyards invite you to take a nice walk, especially in the spring when, thanks to our mild climate, the almonds start blooming in march. You can enjoy pure nature: both nature reserves which surround that village, are the home for endagered lichen, mosses and grasshopper species.

Because of it's idyllic location, Albersweiler is the point of departure for a great number of hikes through the Palatinate forrest, to the Orensfels, the Hohenberg and to the Ruine Neuscharfeneck. You also can choose the hiking trail of the German Wine Route. Nordic-Walking Routs run of a various difficulty degrees and offer attractive leisure facilities. The ones of you who want to pedal will be having a great time riding their bikes unhurriedly along the "Queichtal Cycle Path" and those wo are looking for a challenging track path will find it in the "German Wine Route Cycle Path".

Softly rising hills frame that village, which, thanks to the district St. Johann, is able to look to a history strechting back thousend of years. During the archeological excavation remains of a Roman villa were found, as well as the fondation of a church stemming from the Carolingian Period. The oldest foundation is to date back to the 8th century. The excavation can be visited. While getting there you can see the Rococo Castle of prince Loewenstein-Wertheim, which is now privately owned. The building was found at the same place as the monastery of the orders of St. Mary Magdalene was build in the 13th and abolished in the 16th century.

The third weekend of July is the weekend for a traditional wine festival provided by the wine-growers. A highlight beside the wine-tasting and enjoying the palatinate specialities is the international "Albersweiler Midnightrun". Between May and October the wine-growers offer wine and adventure-hiking tours. A walking tour through the vineyards is followed by a company visit within wine-tasting and wine-growers' vesper.

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