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Dernbach - Surrounded by fruit meadows & chestnuts

You are perfectly right here if you are looking for a place to escape from the daily hectic and job-related stress. Allow your soul to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Palatinate's forest nature. A lot of well-marked hiking paths are to find around Dernbach and to the vallye's castles. Furthermore the paths, which are suitable for riders are marked as well.

A dozen forest huts invite you to rest for a while, just like Dernbach's hosts - with hearty gastronomic specialities and great Palatinate wine. Nordic-Walking paths with several difficulty levels offers ideal prerequisites for practicing this sport. Friends of Boules can choose between three different lanes. Also visit the early Gothic church i.a. with frescos from the 14th century. The wooden pulpit, which is to find in the protestant church dates back to the 16th century.

Hiking on the Chestnut Path is particulary beautiful in times of blossom as well as during autumn, when the chestnuts start ripening. The newly created Marketpath is about 7 miles long. The path follows the old route craftsmen had to use to get to the weekly market in Landau.

Dernbach has been known for it's cherries, which is the reason for one of the biggest events here. On the third sunday of July the "Keerschehooge" takes place, which is dialect for cherry fair.

Apropos: this festival was celebrated on St. Martin's Day until 1902. In 1903 the district council decided to reschedule this fair to the third Sunday of July. The reason is simple: After the harvest of cherries, people got a "Mark and a Pfennig" (got money) to spend.

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