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Eußerthal - Relaxation for body and soul

Eußerthal is situated in an open and bright valley. Surrounded by meadows, mountains and rocks in the Palatinate forest it is four miles away from Annweiler. Crystal rippling streams and incredibly clear forest air refresh your soul, provide recovery and relaxation.

It's origin dates back to a cloister foundation in 1148. The impressively Cisterian monastery St. Bernhard has has been preserved in the centrum and represents one of the most valuable constructions of the 13th century in thr Rhineland-Palatinate. In the 12th and 13th the monks of the Cisterian monastery were the guardians of the imperal insignia which had been kept at castle Trifels. The interior of the church still gives a clear impression about the history by illustrated charts attached to the wall.

Eußerthal is advisable as an ideal starting point for excellent hikes to distinctive lookout-points and hidden forest huts. You can also follow in the tracks of the monks on the Monk path between Annweiler and Eußerthal. The ones who wants to enjoy total tranquility can find this at one of the idyllic fishing ponds. An ambitious and varied cuisine is to find at "Altes Forsthaus" as well as at the "Birkenthaler Hof". Café Steinel will victual you with home-made pastries.

The third weekend in August is the weekend of "Schälebrichelkerwe". It basically means thin peeled tree. This name associates Eußerthal's inhabitants because they used to strip the bark of young oaks and sell it. Thus "Schälebrichel" is a cuss which gets used for those that don't have a real forest with strong trees.


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