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Annweiler-Gräfenhausen - Burgundy-Village

Graefenhausen is the most western wine-growing area in the Rhineland-Palatinate. Surrounded by the Palatinate forest is this village the start of the vineyards’ rolling hills which is a special appeal for hikers and walker.

Graefenhausen was first mentioned in 817- It has become famous because of it's Pinot nior, which has been cultivated for 600 years. Nevertheless, this idillically located town is still an insider's tip. Enchanted alleys with framework -and sandstonehouses cast a spell over it's visitors.

Who ones found his way to this small side valley feels immediately at ease and will love to come back.

The leisure offering is attractive: many amazing hikings paths surround this village. Particulary the Monk-Trail is an interessting experience and informs about the history of burgundy attachment. By that route or by the Noric-Walking Path you will get to Annweiler the fastest.

During spring time you can enjoy the blossoms of the fruit trees. Untouched nature is to find all year round. Here you can relax excellentlx and let your soul tangle.

Twice a year Graefenhausen celebrates greatly: on the third weekend of June the Burgundy festival takes place. The wild boar fair is on the second weekend of Sepember. This sociable event has been celebrated by the Graefenhausen inhabitants since always. Just twenty years ago that event hasred to be called the "wild boar fair". The reason therefor is the look of Graefenhausen's boundarys, which as viewed from above, looks kind of the head of a boar. That's why the townspeople are sometimes called wild boars. But they do accept this curious nickname and don't take it amiss.

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