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Rinnthal - Woods, Water, Mils

Rinnthal which is attractively situated in the Queich valley and surrounded by bizzare red sandstone rocks, has a beautiful densely wooded environment. Many romantic valleys with clear streams invite you to pause for a moment.  The old "Trift" plants tell about the commercial relevance of woods and water for centuries. At the entrance of the village there is a grain mill, which gets driven on by winning energy from hydroelectric power.

Especially proud are the people here of their church, built from 1831-1834 in classicle style. The bavarian king Ludwig I. was a great admirer of classicism and wanted a prototyping building on the left bank of the Rhine. Therefor he supported the construction personally. The Rinnthal church is actually one of the few village churchs, which got designed in this classical style consistently.

Maintained pensions and vacation apartments invite you to stay. Those looking for relaxation and recreation wil be fully satisfied.

Hikers will find a wide range of constructed and well-marked hiking paths. The "Trift" plant* and the "Jungpfalzhütte" on top of the mountain "Schinderkopf" (462m), as well as the "Rindsberg" are an interesting attractions. The historical grain mill, which is still operating, can get visited as a part of a guided tour.

*(transport of wood on wather in the Palatinate forest)

Three Nordic-walking paths start close to the train station, which offer different lengths and levels of difficulty.

We would look forward to welcome you to our "Trift" festival, which takes place on the last sunday in June. At this festival the old handcraft of "Triften" becomes alive. On the second weekend in August we celebrate the "Hädsturrekerwe". The name is derived from the blooming heath of the forest whose stems are stubborn and won't let themselves get flexed. So the "Häd" stands for health and the "Sturre" for stems. Kerwe is palatinate dialect for a fair. Hence the name!


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