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Silz - Wild, Hiking and Relaxation next to the Klingbach

Valleys, mountains, rocks and animals of the wildlife-and naturalpark make a visit become quite special.

Silz is a state-approuded health resort and serves as starting point for many tours and excursions. Almost everything is possible, from well-marked circular hikes to a trip into neighbouring Alsace.

Three different Nordic-Walking paths between 1,3 to 16,9 kilometers are available for those who are interested which include sightseeing attractions. They also are perfectly suitable for walking trips and hikes. Sporty activities as for instance riding or climbing are also exercisable. The Tree Nature Trail is particular and shows the walker worth knowing about local trees and shrubs.

The first documentary mention of Silz was in 1313. Originally this place was called "Sulzfeld", that points out an earlier foundation and the presence of salt spring.

Our advice: the view from the high "Schweinsfels" above the wild- and nature park, in which you can encounter local wild species without fences.

For those who prefer a more peacefull activity we'd like to recommend the landscape-pond or the infinitely large sea of vines of the southern wine roads.

On every first weekend of August the "Schneckekerwe" (snails fair) takes places. The nickname snails is the result of the many wetland meadows and their waters. The topographical situation requires that the humidity remains longer in the valley and supports therefor the population of snails, which need humidity to survive. The inhabitants have never gotten annoyed about that nickname. On the contrary, at a certain point in time they started using their nickname for advertising local sport clubs.

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